New ‘Street Talking’ Report Gives Homebuyers Vital Neighbourhood Info

What is Street Talking?

Street Talking is the new “neighbourhood intelligence” report from Best Value Conveyancing. It covers a range of vital information such as schools, local amenities, property prices and details on planning permission, alongside more valuable data. The new report is now included amongst our property searches and is designed to give buyers a picture of their neighbourhood to help them decide if they’ve chosen the right location for a property.

What does the report contain?

Features of Street Talking:

  • Average house prices for the area and council tax bands
  • School performance data for nursery, infant, junior and secondary schools
  • Details of local amenities such as shops, pubs, leisure centres, parks and more
  • Information of past and future planning applications built within 100m of the property
  • Local demographics (including a detailed social neighbourhood profile data)
  • Environmental details including tailored tips on how to make your new home greener

Benefits of Street Talking:

  • Buyers have vital information about the area they want to live in
  • Buyers are reassured that the local area won’t pose future problems
  • Satisfied buyers have all the facts they need to make an informed decision about the property
  • Valuable insight on planning applications which could impact or highlight extension opportunities
  • Satisfied sellers know that their property has been fully marketed with as many questions as possible answered up front
Is the report included as a disbursement?

The new Street Talking report comes as an optional part of your package of property searches which make up the “disbursements” your solicitor will apply for on your behalf. These disbursements are requests for information from a third party such as the council or local authorities and are compulsory for home buyers who are buying with a mortgage. Disbursements inform you and your mortgage lender that your investment is a sound one and free from potentially expensive issues.

Why should I get a Street Talking report?

While the Street Talking report is not compulsory, we recommend you invest in one, if only to find out if the local area is as nice as it looks! Buying a property which turns out to have problems is one thing, but you can at least fix a house. If you don’t like your new local neighbourhood or can’t find a good school for your children, for example, there’s really not much you can do except move again! Better to find this all out before you’ve bought the property.

How do I get the Street Talking report?

If you’ve already found a property solicitor and are ready to put a deposit down on your chosen property, you’ll be at the stage of booking property searches. Just ask your solicitor to add Street Talking to your list of disbursements, or if you book with Best Value Conveyancing, your searches package will already come with Street Talking included. Get a purchase conveyancing quote.

Will I get Street Talking included in my Property Searches?

Not all solicitors are offering the Street Talking report in their packages, but at Best Value Conveyancing we realise how important it is to know what your future neighbourhood is like, you’re going to be spending a lot of time there after all! Because of this, we now include Street Talking in all of our standard property search bundles.

Find out how much you could save with us with a quick conveyancing quote from Best Value Conveyancing. We aim to make buying or selling a property quick and easy from start to finish and we work with a panel of experienced and client-focused solicitors around England and Wales.

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