Why record rainfall prediction makes Residential Flood Search vital for home buyers

Flooded streets, such as this one in York in December 2015, have become a more common sight in the UK and are likely to be repeated annually.

A grim forecast has suggested England and Wales could be set for a deluge of record rainfall every winter. That puts the country at more risk of severe flooding and makes buying a home an increasingly fraught business.

Billions of pounds of flood damage was caused by the severe storms over the winter of 2013-15 with more flooding besetting parts of the UK in December 2015. Now, according to research from the Met Office, we need to be prepared for new monthly records in rainfall being set on an annual basis.

A team of meteorologists researched potential future weather events for the UK, using a supercomputer to analyse winter weather since 1981 to predict what might happen in coming years. The results make sobering reading for householders.

There will be a one in three chance of floods in at least one English region every year. The supercomputer also predicts a 7 percent chance of flooding in the south-east of England, rising to 34 percent when all parts of England and Wales are considered.

Severe weather can strike at any time

Professor Adam Scaife leads the area of research at the Met Office. He said: “The new Met Office supercomputer was used to simulate thousands of possible winters, some of them much more extreme than we’ve yet witnessed. This gave many more extreme events than have happened in the real world, helping us work out how severe things could get.”

Of course, it’s not only in winter that severe weather can strike. In July, residents of Coverack in Cornwall were airlifted to safety by helicopter after flash floods washed through the village in minutes, destroying homes and businesses.

The risk of flooding is one that every householder takes seriously. Home buyers eyeing up a new property need to be fully informed of any potential hazard that could imperil either their purchase or their new home once living there.

Flood cover an essential part of home insurance

A Residential Flood Search commissioned by your solicitor or conveyancer will provide extensive information about surface water, ground water and other flood risks.

Mortgage lenders will insist on buildings insurance, including flood cover, for any property they are lending on. If you cannot secure buildings insurance because of flooding, you are unlikely to get a mortgage, so it’s imperative that you know as much about the environment around your property as soon as possible.

When you instruct a solicitor or conveyancer through Best Value Conveyancing, you can be assured that all the essential local authority and environmental searches will be carried out. Our sales team will talk you through what searches are being done and why, including the Residential Flood Search, to give you as full a picture as possible.

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