5 ways to make your house ready to sell quickly

Conventional wisdom says the summer months are not the greatest time to put a house on the market. School holidays tend to limit families from planning a move, while other potential buyers are also more likely to have one eye on the beach and not on the estate agent.

However, autumn is looming on the horizon and that is an excellent time to put a property on the market.

If you’re intending to move later this year, here are some top tips on how to prep your home properly to impress potential buyers. And remember, it’s always an excellent idea to get an early quote for conveyancing – Best Value Conveyancing offers fixed fees for conveyancing services that mean you will know from the start how much your legal costs are going to be.

Top tips to follow
  1. Spend some serious time making your place look appealing. That means not just vacuuming carpets and washing floors but hiring a carpet cleaner that will both clean and refresh your flooring. Dirty carpets smell. That’s a fact. And you need to make an instant good impression on viewers. Chuck out old, misshapen cushions and buy cheap but fresh replacements, get in fresh flowers regularly and do not forget to dust every day. Bright sunshine will highlight every speck, and while a bit of dust isn’t likely to put off a determined buyer, creating the right impression can be key to achieving the best price.
  2. De-clutter. As with cleaning and tidying, putting away items you don’t need or don’t use may seem a no-brainer, but a quick browse of online listings reveals some hideous interior shots featuring exercise bikes that double as wardrobes and unfinished DIY projects. Anything that’s not essential to your daily life should be tucked away in a cupboard, garage or shed. Stick it in the boot of the car if necessary when viewers are coming round. You want to maximise the amount of space you have, not make it look as if there’s no room to move.
  3. Now that you’ve cleaned and got rid of unnecessary items, look out the paintbrushes and toolbox. You don’t want to paint whole rooms, but you do need to touch up paintwork and walls that are marked or cracked. Fix leaking taps and get grout cleaner on to the bathroom and kitchen tiles. Make sure all lightbulbs are working and, if necessary, add lamps to rooms to improve their ambience.
  4. Play house doctor on the garden, too. Try to see your home and garden through the eyes of a potential buyer. They will be unimpressed by that leaking garden hose you keep meaning to replace or the weeds poking up through a driveway. Cut the grass, trim the hedges, get rid of the weeds, sweep paths and arrange your garden furniture so it looks inviting. If the season for sitting out is over, get the garden furniture into a shed or garage out of sight.
  5. Don’t simply rely on the estate agent to market your home. Yes, they’ll put it on the online listings sites and mail the schedule out to buyers registered with them. But if you’re on social media, do your own marketing by linking to your property via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for example. Tell friends and family, too. Word of mouth is often invaluable when selling up.