Budget makeover can add thousands to your home

Anna Ryder Richardson’s three-hour makeover transformed a home and added value on a tight budget.

Want to add £10k to the value of your home for a few hundred pounds? Have a makeover using products from budget supermarkets.

Aldi enlisted the help of interior designer Anna Ryder Richardson to make over a home in less than two hours, spending just £300 to add an estimated £10,000 to the property’s value.

Their task was inspired by research that suggested one in five buyers is put off buying because of a home’s decor.

Home décor key for buyers

Almost half (44 percent) would offer less for a property whose interior didn’t match their taste, according to the research commissioned by Aldi.

Aldi asked 2,000 UK homeowners about their home’s decor, what they look for in a home and how they improve their own interiors as part of the launch of their Kirkton House range of accessories.

A third (34 percent) of home buyers said stylish furnishings made them more likely to bid on a property. A nice kitchen was most appealing with almost three-quarters (72 percent) saying that’s the most important room to look good during a viewing.

Turn-offs were rooms that were too dark or dim (50 percent), awkward layouts (36 percent) and unkempt gardens (32 percent).

Making rooms more appealing

Sellers told Aldi they’d consider making changes to their home after seven viewings to make it more appealing. On average, keen sellers will spend £900 to make a sale.

And image-conscious young sellers, those in the 18-34 age bracket, spent five times more than the over-55s on decor, £3,131 to £543.

Aldi then challenged Anna, who made her name on the BBC’s Changing Rooms series, to add value to a property on a tight budget of just £300 – and all to be done in less than two hours.

Anna went to work on the three-bed semi in Dartford, Kent, and began decluttering, rearranging the furniture and adding stylish accessories.

Three local estate agents carried out an evaluation of the property before and after the makeover, with its value increasing by up to £10,000 across each valuation. You can watch Anna changing rooms in action here.

No need to break the bank

Anna said: “Together with Aldi, we’ve proven you don’t need to break the bank to spruce up your interiors and help make that sale.

“We spent a third of what home buyers think they need to spend and increased the property’s value by an average of over £8k.

“It’s easy to invest a small amount and make a big difference.”

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi, said the ranges they offer can help upgrade a house on a budget.

She added: “As the housing market is so uncertain, we’re happy that we can offer the security of consistently low prices in the Kirkton House home range.”

Tips for a quick return

Here are some of Anna’s tips for a quick makeover that could help you sell your property fast:

  • Define the space in each room – a colourful rug in the centre of the room indicates how it should be used.
  • Make sure rooms are spacious and appealing – declutter and rearrange the furniture until you find a layout that works.
  • Make sure the kitchen is spotlessly clean and tidy – viewers want to imagine themselves cooking and eating there.
  • Take down more personal pictures and tidy ornaments away in storage baskets.
  • First impressions are key – make sure the entrance hallway is clean, tidy and bright.
  • Make the most of outside space – weed and tidy flowerbeds, keep the grass short and place garden furniture where it looks most appealing.