Derby revealed as the UK’s most affordable spot

The most affordable place to buy in the UK is Derby, according to research by Compare the Market.

The east Midlands town is the most cost-effective spot for those looking to purchase a home, thanks to its average council tax, utility bills and home insurance.

The annual Homeowners Index from the comparison site revealed that Derby tops the UK-wide poll as the most affordable place to buy.

Average costs counted up

The index looks at the cost of property while also taking into account mortgage repayments, deposits, home insurance and other bills to create its most affordable list.

The average costs of buying in Derby are £2,868,81, followed by Edinburgh (£2,936.97), Southampton (£2,956,69), Swansea (£3,033,98) and Newcastle (£3,069.63).

Mitigating bills

Chris King, head of home insurance at Compare the Market, said: “Bills can be the bane of the homeowner’s life, and they can’t be avoided.

“But at least you can check to make sure you’re not paying more than you should.

“You can challenge your council tax if you think you’re in the wrong band, and you should always shop around to make sure you’re on the most competitive energy tariff and are getting a great deal on your home insurance.

“Household budgets are always under pressure, so it makes sense to squeeze every last drop of value from the money you spend on running your home.”