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A recent review by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has revealed some conveyancing solicitors in England and Wales are not being up front with clients on how much their final bill is going to be.

Not informed on additional costs

Here at Best Value Conveyancing, we are always completely transparent on fees and charges when you instruct a conveyancing solicitor, keeping clients informed on the additional costs that their legal representative must charge to ensure their transaction can be completed.

However, it is obvious from the results of the SRA review that not every legal firm offering conveyancing has the same focus on client satisfaction we have at Best Value Conveyancing.

The SRA visited 40 conveyancing solicitors across England and Wales to examine in detail 80 property transactions. In a third (34 percent) of the examined cases, the initial quotes did not include essential fees and charges that must be paid to ensure a property sale or purchase can be completed.

Clients being misled

This, said the SRA, is misleading clients who do not find out until their conveyancing is underway that they face these additional costs for the likes of bank fees, mortgage administration fees and ID checks.

The SRA described some quotes as unrealistic and set simply to win business.

Good practice to be shared

Anna Bradley, chair of SRA, said: “It is disappointing to see examples of poor practice in conveyancing, which is so important to so many people.

“People should be able to rely on their solicitors to be open about what their services will cost and to explain the potential financial and legal implications of any transaction.”

Six law firms have now been referred to the SRA’s internal disciplinary processes, while the results of the review are to be shared with all law firms to learn from both good and bad practice.