Why envy is the inspiration for many in moving house

We all have our own motivations for moving house. Needing more space, wanting to make the most of a buoyant local market, perhaps looking for better schools for the kids.

But a revealing new survey has expose some of our less attractive motivations for buying a new home. A startling 71 percent of adults quizzed by home interiors specialist www.hillarys.co.uk said they were jealous of the homes and interior décor of friends and family.

And one in eight of those who took part in the research said they had sold up and moved within six months of realising they coveted someone else’s living space. When asked what they looked for in a new home, more bedrooms (26 percent) was the most popular reply, followed by a larger living space (24 percent) and lower maintenance (20 percent).

Home a work in progress

Hillarys asked 2,408 adults about their attitudes towards their home versus the homes of others.

Each was asked: “Are you happy with the way your home currently looks?”

Almost half (42 percent) said they were happy but their home was “a work in progress;” 35 percent said it was exactly how they wanted it; but 23 percent replied “no, it needs a lot of work.”

Of the 71 percent who admitted feeling jealous when they saw other people’s houses, the most common reaction was to start renovating or decorating (38 percent). A quarter (25 percent) started looking at other houses on the market; 23 percent began to declutter; a fifth (20 percent) did nothing at all; and 17 percent started spring cleaning.

Looking for inspiring ideas

Tara Hall, of www.hillarys.co.uk, said: “Some people enjoy making their homes perfect for the way they live – there’s plenty of inspiration out there that they actively look for.

“For others, it’s not so easy to know what they want or where to get the ideas. Rather than feeling jealous, they could speak to their friends and family members and come up with ideas together.”