Find your happy place in Winchester

The happiest places in the UK have been revealed. And it’s good news if you live in Winchester, Monmouthshire, East Renfrewshire or Lisburn and Castlereagh.

Those four spots top the Royal Mail’s UK Happiness Index of the four constituent parts of the UK.

Winchester, in Hampshire, was named as the happiest place in the UK overall.

Importance of sense of wellbeing

The index counts eight measures that are relevant to a person finding happiness in their surroundings, including high earnings, sense of wellbeing, life expectancy and access to health services.

England’s south-eastern corner dominated the happiness list for the nation with a total of six local authority areas named in the top 10.

Winchester’s residents pointed to high earnings, a high sense of wellbeing and low levels of deprivation as the reasons for their content.

High rankings in south

Babergh in Suffolk took second place, scoring high on the ranking for low carbon emissions and access to health services.

No. 3 spot went to Rushcliffe in the east Midlands, Chiltern in Wiltshire was fourth and the Ribble Valley in the north-west was in fifth place.

The rest of England’s top 10 was filled out by the Surrey towns of Waverley (sixth), Elmbridge (ninth) and Epsom and Ewell (10th) with Forest Heath in Suffolk in seventh place.

Contentment around UK

East Renfrewshire, on the south-eastern outskirts of Glasgow, was named the happiest place in Scotland, helped greatly by its high place in the earnings index.

In Wales, Monmouthshire grabbed the No.1 spot thanks to high life expectancy and earnings along with its low levels of crime and deprivation.

Finally, Northern Ireland’s happiest spot is Lisburn and Castlereagh, its low level of carbon emissions and good access to health services securing it the No.1 placing.

Places to spark joy

A spokesperson for the Royal Mail said: “This new study takes a look at the areas across the UK sparking the most joy.

“For people across the UK looking to live in or visit the happiest places, there are plenty to choose from.”