Homes England aims to play ‘active’ role in housing sector

The housing market in England needs to be shaken up to make build more homes that are affordable.

That’s the bold claim of Sir Edward Lister, chairman of Homes England, the national agency for housing across England.

Launching their five-year strategic plan, Sir Edward said the agency had to play a more active role in the housing market by using its “land, money, powers and influence” to ensure more homes are built.

Ambition to challenge the norms

He has called on all participants in the sector to work in partnership with his organisation.

He said: “Our ambition is to create a new type of delivery agency that will play a far more active role in the housing market. We will also show leadership on design, diversity and modernisation.

“Our job is to work in partnership with all players in the sector and beyond. This plan is our invitation to you – across construction, design, development, housing associations, local government and other partners.

“We welcome partners who share our ambition to challenge traditional norms and build better homes faster.”

Setting industry standards

The five-year strategy sets out Homes England’s delivery objectives until 2022-23. These include:

  • Ensuring more private and public land is available to build more homes where they are needed;
  • Broaden the investment products needed to support infrastructure and housebuilding;
  • Increase construction productivity;
  • Make the market more competitive by helping smaller builders compete;
  • Set industry standards for buyers.

The Government has set a target of building 300,000 homes per year in England by the middle of the next decade.

Homes England has been tasked with increasing the number of homes built and ensuring they are constructed where demand is greatest.