Kids’ property wishlist is for a pool – and a mortgage as a teenager

We’ve all got a vision of what our dream home looks like. Even the kids. And the young ones certainly show great imagination and a total disregard for cost when it comes to planning their ideal place to live.

A recent survey showed that almost three out of four six-10-year-olds fancy having a swimming pool and more than half want a giant slide on the side to plunge into their pool from.

Three in 10 like the idea of a private bowling alley and a helipad, for ease of access to their gaff, with others plumping for a ballroom or a football pitch as the ideal home facility.

Property portal Share to Buy had surveyed more than 1,000 six-10-year-olds about what they’d want in a future home, focusing on the special features the children identified as ideal for living.

A home owner by the age of 30

After the longest, hottest summer in years, a swimming pool was the highest of priorities for the kids who took part in the survey, while more than a third of those quizzed said they wanted a future home to be beside the seaside with a quarter fancying a country pad.

The survey also reveals how the idea of home ownership is ingrained early in UK youngsters – 65 percent of kids said they wanted to own their own home before they reached the ancient age of 30. An amazing 11 percent even said they’d look to secure a mortgage before they are even out of their teens, demonstrating how the ambition for home ownership starts early in British kids.

Share to Buy is the UK’s largest portal for shared ownership homes, with more than 250,000 people registering on the website for London properties are alone. The site lists more than 2,100 properties from some of the UK’s largest providers of shared ownership homes.

Affordable homes for future generations

Nick Lieb, head of operations at Share to Buy, said: “I’m delighted to see a new generation of children aspiring to home ownership.

“In the past 20 years, the average property price in London has more than quadrupled and with no signs of house prices slowing down, it’s now more important than ever to provide affordable housing solutions for future generations.”

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