Legal world follows Best Value Conveyancing’s lead on price transparency

New rules on providing transparency on legal costs come into force next month. Home buyers and sellers will know up front what their conveyancing services costs thanks to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA).

Savvy sellers and buyers who use Best Value Conveyancing to instruct a solicitor for their property transaction already benefit from transparent fees for services that are high quality but low cost.

The rest of the legal world is now following our lead. From December, law firms that are regulated by the SRA will have to publish their price structure for the services they offer, either on their website or, if they don’t have a website, in an accessible format for potential clients.

Information for consumers

As well as being open about pricing, law firms will also have to detail the timescale for the work involved, outline their staff’s qualifications and provide information on how to make a complaint.

The SRA consulted law firms across England and Wales before devising the new rules, which are designed to give the public more information about legal services and their potential costs.

Paul Philip, chief executive of the SRA, said: “Publishing information on price, services and protections will not only benefit the public but will also help those who deliver these services win business and connect with their customers.

“We are providing guidance and support for firms to assist with meeting the new requirements and making the most of the opportunities they bring.”