Revealed: home buyers’ top 10 most searched-for words online

What are the first words you use when you decide to search for a new home to buy online? Obviously, it depends on the type of property you want to buy, but online estate agent listings site Zoopla has revealed the top 10 most searched-for keywords by those browsing its listings.

No.1 on the list is detached, emphasising that for some home movers, distance and privacy from neighbours is the prize.

Coming in at No.2 is garage – you don’t have to be a Top Gear fan to appreciate the benefits of having a garage. Most cars never seen the inside of a garage anyway because we tend to store our junk and gardening equipment in there.

Bungalows still a desired property

They have fallen out of favour with builders in recent years, but the No.3 spot for bungalows on the Zoopla list shows that homeowners still love a home all on one level. Bungalows may not be built in the same numbers as in previous decades, but their popularity remains secure as the high prices often paid for them shows.

Parking slides in neatly at No.4. Your own secure spot to park your vehicle is much sought-after as anyone who has ever had to park five streets away from their front door every single day in life can testify.

Great outdoors is a prize

There’s perhaps a surprise in the word that makes No.5 in Zoopla’s top 10: annex. However, many householders are on the lookout for more space, perhaps to make a home for grandparents or somewhere to park the kids once they reach the stroppy teen stage.

Fancy yourself as the new Monty Don with acres of finely honed lawns and flower beds? You’re no doubt responsible for garden grabbing the No.6 spot.

No.7’s choice reflects a growing concern for home movers in England and Wales. It’s freehold. This is one of the most common types of tenure – the other being leasehold – and comes with the great benefit of meaning you own both the house you buy and the land on which it stands. Small wonder it makes the top 10 of most-searched-for terms.

As with garden, cottage features highly on search terms, making No. 8 on th list here. The very word conjures up a timeless image of a bucolic scene, ivy on the walls and a front door that looks as though it belongs in a fairytale.

In search of the good life

The desire for wide-open space and proper land is reflected in acres coming in at No.9. Those using acres as a search term might fancy themselves as landed gentry or simply someone with a dream of The Good Life.

Last but not least, rural fills out the final place as the No.10 most-searched-for keyword on Zoopla. Those seeking to escape city life or leave the rat race behind might be the ones who have helped push this term into the top 10.