Revealing the musical inspiration in our street and property names

Inspiration for naming our homes can come from different sources. And for every Vera Duckworth renaming No. 9 Coronation Street as The Old Rectory, there’s a rock fan paying homage to the Beatles with Abbey Road or a classical music buff eulogising Elgar.

The Royal Mail has revealed that almost 21,000 UK addresses have a name inspired in some way by music or song.

Rock icons such as David Bowie, Oasis and Adele have given more than 1,500 homeowners the motivation to name their home after their idol.

Going a little bit further back in time and far from the pop charts, Samuel Wesley, Henry Purcell and Edward Elgar are given a nod in for more than 7,500 addresses.

The Beatles are still fab

Topping the address charts are, of course, the Beatles with more than 700 streets, roads, houses and buildings named Abbey Road or Penny Lane while there are hundreds of other names that directly link them to the Fab Four.

Modern musical inspiration comes from Status Quo in Norfolk, Stone Roses near Manchester, Adele in the Channel Islands and Dire Straits in Kent.

The NE postcode that covers Newcastle-upon-Tyne officially has the most music-related addresses, followed by Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham and the Isle of Wight.

Top 10 classical and modern muses

The Royal Mail listed the top 10 most inspirational modern music icons and the number of properties, streets or building names that mention them:

  1. The Beatles (809)
  2. Elton John (150)
  3. The Verve (148)
  4. Oasis (120)
  5. The Smiths (120)
  6. The Rolling Stones (112)
  7. Adele (101)
  8. Genesis (82)
  9. The Hollies (69)
  10. David Bowie (45)

And the classical music artistes best represented across the UK are:

  • Charles Wesley (523)
  • Christopher Shaw (490)
  • Edward Elgar (465)
  • Henry Purcell (434)
  • Thomas Morley (315)
  • James Hook (295)
  • Robert Morton (250)
  • John Johnson (245)
  • Thomas Campion (228)
  • Robert Woodcock (171)

Reflecting nation’s heritage 

Steve Rooney, head of Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit, said: “Street, house and building names chiefly reflect our nation’s heritage and primary interests. As a country with such a proud musical history spanning hundreds of years, it’s fantastic to see that we’ve chosen to reflect this passion in so many of our addresses.”