Spring into action to sell your home

Spring is in the air and many people are getting ready to get their home on the market. It’s the ideal time. Recent research has revealed that March is the best month to put a house up for sale.

And the changing season is a real benefit to sellers because a few tweaks can help make the most of lighter and longer days to sell your home.

Here are 10 top tips for improving your home inside and out to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

  1. Spring clean. Yes, it’s an old cliché, but clearing away clutter, moving furniture to vacuum and dust will have an instant effect on your rooms. Change heavier, darker curtains for lighter ones that will brighten a room. Don’t forget to dust the blinds, too.
  2. Where carpets are looking worn or dirty, try a deep clean using a professional carpet cleaner or get a firm in to do the job for you. You’ll be amazed – and probably a little disgusted – at how much muck comes out but how much better the carpets will look afterwards.
  3. Wash the windows inside and out. The toll of winter weather will be seen on the exterior, but the inside of our windows are also marked by daily living. Don’t forget to wipe down the sills on both sides, too.
  4. If you have wooden or laminate flooring, brush them and wash them thoroughly, polishing with a soft cloth to make them shine.
  5. Give rugs a good shake outside to get rid of dust and grime. Where one is looking a bit tatty, it might be better to replace it.
  6. Open every window and door if the day is warm enough to air the house thoroughly. You’ll notice a fresher smell once you’ve been round with the vacuum and duster, but nothing beats a bit of fresh air throughout.
  7. On a related note, fill your vases with fresh flowers on the days you have viewers. Remember to change the water regularly as it can become quickly stale and will smell.
  8. Put your best towels and bath mats in the bathroom for viewers. Clear away any clutter here, too, so the smallest room in the house looks as bright as the rest.
  9. Tidy the garden where you have one. Brush or rake up any rotting leaves and put them in your recycling bin if you have one. Cut the grass and trim back any hedges or bushes that are overgrown. Prospective buyers want to see that this is a garden they can easily manage.
  10. Clean the exterior of the house, too. Wipe down the front door and brush the step. If you have a mat, inside or out, make sure it’s clean enough to use.